The Challenge

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Did you ever watch a child pound a puzzle piece into place? Or hit a wooden square into a star shape with a peg hammer?

Every diet, powder, pill, gadget and promise is the same as that misshapen puzzle piece. We try desperately to force solutions that are not aligned with who we are causing stress, fear and anguish.

This strategy begins a cycle of starting and stopping every new diet which leads to failing and procrastination.


In time, we feel our problems begin to simmer, yet we are too busy to really get a handle on those issues until those issues turn into “medication” or inability to enjoy life. 

P2 stands for Progress over Perfection. Progress never needs to look a certain way. A consistent improvement of only 1% will build lifelong habits that create an effortless life of health and wellness.

Do you want a goal of running a 5k? Progress might be walking 2.5k or it might simply be putting on running shoes in the morning and standing on the treadmill. You never know how life will unfold for you. Our focus is to take the small daily steps that we are committed too. Sometimes we are able to jump and sometimes we are able to crawl. And BOTH of those are ok.

With so many solutions, why are you feeling lost?

  • Programs designed to sell to everyone don’t account for YOU! You are you, there is no one else just like you! We all have genetic differences through a lifetime of learned behaviors, and current beliefs, values, rituals and routines that make us unique.
  • Most systems and programs focus on the short game (immediate gratification) but fail to address the long game (life).
  • The answer is very rarely MORE information but the application of information.
  • The key is to take what you know about yourself (needs, wants, ability, mindset) along with a holistic health program to create an approach that fits specifically for you because we will work together to create real change.